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Employee monitoring providers Private Detective Leeds are is a perfect method to make sure that your workers are producing as much work as possible via employee efficiency. When you own a small to medium company it can be hard to keep track of employees when you are hectically running around conferences, meetings and seminars in order to promote your company. Can you be sure exactly what your employees are doing when you're not there?

Our private detectives and investigators have numerous years of experience in assisting companies to monitor their workers. These types of services consist of hidden Closed-circuit television, Listening devices, Computer and phone monitoring software. Many of these providers could be installed almost immediately and could be kept a secret from the employees if a crime was suspected to be taking place within the workplace.

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The sales manager of a company that sold gardening books called the Private Detective Leeds to get help with quality control. He wanted to monitor the phone banks from which his sales staff worked. Originally, the customers ordered books through mailed advertisements and magazine ads. However, much of the company's profit came from follow-up. Assuming an earlier purchase suggested a customer's interest in a topic, a salesperson would try to sell them books on a similar topic. There was strict telephone protocol and a script for each product provided by the company's advertising department. The management expected the salesperson to adhere strictly to both. Recently, they had received calls from angry customers who complained employees overpromised what was in the books. A couple of people called the company to protest a call from a salesperson who was so unwilling to take 'no' for an answer that they had to hang up on the call. The company built their brand as 'the friendly neighbour with some gardening advice'. So, the company strictly forbade high-pressure sales tactics. Each salesperson needed to reach a daily quota but not at the expense of the proven procedure. There had been a recent drop in sales and the manager felt renegade telephone behaviour might be at least partly to blame

Employee Monitoring in Leeds

The manager asked our private investigators to help him create a system whereby he could randomly listen in on calls. If he heard anything inappropriate, he could then correct any wayward salespeople. Since the company did not allow personal calls from the phone banks, the company had the full right to listen in on any conversation. His goal was to find out who was breaking protocol and who was not following the prescribed scripts closely enough. Our private detectives set up a system by which the manager could choose to listen in on a specific sales call. As an alternative a computer could randomly pick a telephone call to record. This incursion into the conversation would happen without any sound or warning. Each morning the company had a tradition of a meeting to rally the salespeople, introduce new products and scripts, role-play a few phone calls, and go over any other company business. There the manager explained to the staff that he might be recording their calls, but that they would not know when it was happening. Our private investigator advised him to remind his staff regularly.

As often happens when people understand they are being scrutinized, their behaviour changed. The complaints about telephone protocol decreased significantly. When the management did hear someone performing badly he would use it first as an example of 'what not to do' at the morning meeting. The manager would not reveal the offender's name or embarrass him at the gathering. However, if this person continued to ignore the procedure, the manager would pull him aside for counselling. The general manager noticed while listening in that the staff increasingly followed the approved script closer. Sales figures began to rise quickly as did morale and bonuses for the salespeople. Customer surveys also began showing more satisfaction among the customers who received telephone calls. The manager expressed gratitude to the Private Detective Leeds for helping him get control of his sales force back.

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