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Lie detector testing has become a very well-liked service and is carried out by our specialist investigators at Private Detective Leeds. These tests can be carried out in your own house or in a neutral place such as hotel accommodation or council meeting room. Having a lie detector test can give a good approach to demonstrate your own personal truth or perhaps that relating to somebody else.

The investigators are properly accredited individuals within the European and American Polygraph Association. Our own very knowledgeable private investigators and investigators are very understanding of the requirements of getting reviewed and possess vast experience with performing these kinds of checks and will swiftly be capable of putting any anxious person who is taking the test right at ease. We offer a comprehensive selection of lie detector test services. The equipment is cutting edge and also very complex enabling the top final results.

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A couple in crises called seeking the services of the Private Detective Leeds. The 26-year old man and the 23-old woman had been dating for a year and a half. The woman had discovered that she was two months pregnant. She claimed the baby belonged to her boyfriend. He believed that she had been 'fooling around' with other men. He was preparing to break up with her because of his suspicions before he found out that she was pregnant. He said he couldn't be sure the baby was his if she had been with other men. The woman firmly denied that she had strayed from her commitment to her boyfriend. She claimed that she had always considered them to be a monogamous couple. Her boyfriend wanted to know if the baby was his before he decided his next step. The woman suggested that she could take a lie detector test to prove that she had not had an affair. If she had only been with her boyfriend, it would be obvious who the child's father was. Our private detective explained the uses and limits the lie detector test. He told them that while it could provide a lot of information it was usually not evidence that was admissible in court. That if the woman took the test, it would be for their information only. But he assured her the machine was reliable enough that they could start deciding the direction they wanted to take based on the test. They also agreed that both would know the results regardless how it turned out and signed an agreement stating that both had a right to the results.

Lie Detector Test in Leeds

We scheduled the test for the next day, and the woman came alone as asked. The private investigator that was certified to give lie detector tests oriented the woman to the procedure. He then attached the woman to the polygraph machine and began to discover her baseline by asking control questions. The woman appeared calm and confident. However, when the examiner asked her if she had had 'relations' with other men and she denied it, the lie detector recorded a spike. He then asked her a few control questions and then asked her if she might be pregnant by someone other than her boyfriend. Again, she denied it and again, the polygraph registered a spike. The test showed the woman had been with other men. Because of this it was possible the baby did not belong to the man that she thought of as her boyfriend. The examiner asked her if she had been with more than one other man. She said she had not and the lie detector spiked again. This suggested there were multiple candidates for the role of father.

Our private investigator presented the report to the woman and then called the boyfriend. He was angry and had hoped for other results, but he had sensed that something was wrong for a while. He used this information to decide with confidence to wait until paternity could be proven before committing to the responsibilities of parenting. However, he did not have to wait to make up his mind about ending his love affair with the child's mother. He eventually discovered through a DNA test that it wasn't his child and that the information provided by our private detectives was correct.

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