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Have you been concerned with safety at your getaway residence but you are not sure what things to do regarding it? Private Detective Leeds can assist you with your safety wants and needs. Having a listening device system in the chalet, caravan or flat that has been fitted by the best detectives Leeds can provide will give you the chance to hear what is happening.

A listening device is a tiny machine that offers the capacity to both call into the device and listen or switch to record to hear at a later time. It is really the best system regarding security since it is concealed and almost invisible, will not make any sounds and has no blinking lamps.

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A middle-aged couple had a small yacht that they had moored at a marina that they used as a summer home. However, the marina was a good distance from their home, and they worried about the security of the boat during the holiday season when it was in the water. They had found several beer cans on the deck when they arrived the last time for a weekend. Someone had also jimmied the door to the cabin open. The couple had to repair the door and there was a mess left in the cabin. While the marina was fenced in and locked it was obvious that someone got in and made use of their boat. They contacted Private Detective Leeds because they knew a couple for whom our agency had installed a security system. Their friends were happy with the results. They wondered if there was some way that they could check their boat from their year-round home. We suggested that they allow us to fit their boat with listening devices that a loud noise would activate. They could also hear what was going on with their boat simply by a clicking on an icon on their computer. If anyone decided to use their boat again as a party boat, they would be able to hear them and let the local police know immediately.

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Our private detectives and security technicians visited the boat decided the most strategic places to put the listening devices to offer the best coverage. They put one near the door of the cabin that any loud sound would activate and would send a signal that alerted the couple through their home computer. Our technicians set the listening device so it would not respond to normal surrounding noise in the marina. They hid two other listening devices inside cabin and four on the larger deck. With a simple click of a computer mouse, the couple could be in touch with the sounds on their boat. This proved useful about a week after the installation when their computer started beeping continuously suggesting that something had triggered the sound-activated device. They immediately engaged the other listening devices and heard several voices that sounded like they were on the deck. They immediately called the police in the town near the marina. The police arrived quickly to the marina where the young trespassers pretended the boat belonged to them. The police arrested and took them away quickly. There was another incident before the end the summer. However, like before, the boat owners alerted the authorities quickly enough to avoid damage to the yacht. They always worried about what they would find when they went to boat for an excursion. That ended after our private investigators installed the listening devices.

The couple, pleased with the job we had done on the boat, engaged Private Detective Leeds to evaluate and install security in their home. The wife owned a florist shop and had us upgrade its security. Our private investigators have had a long business arrangement with the couple and have fulfilled all of their security needs.

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