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Discovering the right day-care for your kids when you're returning to work can be quite a headache. Private Detective Leeds understand the difficulty and offer nanny overseeing solutions which can help you to wind down and concentrate on your work and not worry about who is looking after the kids.

Perhaps you have already put an ad out for a nanny and have a list of people you are considering but you just can't decide which one is the best. In this situation our Leeds investigator can easily investigate every one of the prospects on your list and offer the best option. Or perhaps you have already chosen a nanny but require her to be watched as you are not necessarily happy they have met the requirements and are following your agenda of childcare.

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Our client drove to see his brother for the first time. According to the story our client told our private investigators, the twin was just as surprised as our client had been. At first, opening the front door of his house to find the mirror image of himself looking back confused the man. But after an explanation, there was amazement and joy. The new-found twin knew his parents had adopted him, but he had no idea that he was a twin. His adoptive parents had raised him as a single child, and he had always wanted a brother. When he discovered he had one, it reduced him to tears. The twin had been divorced and had no children. Our client's family welcomed him as an uncle, and the brothers made up for lost time in getting to know one another. They have made it a point to spend as much time together as possible, and they found that it is true that separated twins often have much in common when they meet. Our client expressed gratitude to the Private Detective Leeds for bringing his brother back to him.

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While the nanny and the kids were out, our private investigators hid a nanny cam on a bookshelf in the kitchen. It provided a full view of the kitchen and provided good sound. Our private detectives and the parents were able to record what was happening in the kitchen. When our investigators were testing the cam they saw the parents' description of what happened when they left was accurate. The children began acting distressed as though the worst thing that could happen was to be left with the nanny. However, as soon as the parents were out the door, everything changed. Whenever the nanny would ask them to do something the 6 year-old would tell the nanny that she was silly and that she didn't need to listen to her. Her younger brother would parrot almost everything his sister did. The nanny asked them what they wanted for lunch and gave them choices. However, after the nanny presented them with the choice, the girl said she changed her mind and wanted something different. She refused to eat what the nanny had prepared. The brother dutifully followed along and did whatever his older sister did. The nanny patiently went along with the girl and made another lunch which was also unacceptable. The evidence was in. Wasn't the nanny's behaviour that was the problem, it was the daughter's. Crying at their departure was all part of the game to humiliate the nanny.

When the parents saw the video, their children's behaviour appalled them. They felt sorry for the nanny, but the mother knew how to put a stop to the abuse her children placed on the nanny. She advised the nanny that she did have to be so obliging to the children. If the children asked for something and didn't eat it, they should not get a second choice. The parents also let the children know that they were aware of their game with the nanny. Soon after the parents reported that the childcare in the house had started running smoothly once the children knew they couldn't get away with it. They recommended the Private Detective Leeds to other parents in their social circle to find out what was happening when they left the house.

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