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Car tracker is a good quality system that will supply the precise location regarding anything or any person through the use of a Global positioning system that is a space satellite system. With Private Detective Leeds we utilize this method largely with our popular vehicle tracking service.

Our private investigators in Leeds have experienced fantastic success with these GPS devices with vehicle tracking. Quite a few business consumers make use of them to observe their particular fleet vehicles to ensure individuals are within regulations and are as affordable as possible. Several mothers and fathers that have a kid that is a new motorist utilize vehicle tracking following their test to monitor their driving skills.

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A man came into the offices of Private Detective Leeds. His elderly father still insisted on driving and this concerned the family. His father felt it was a matter of independence and dignity and refused to quit. The family preferred he didn't travel on his own. They weren't so concerned about his skills behind the wheel. He did well getting his license, his reflexes, vision, short-term concentration and driving skills were still good enough. The problem was he frequently became lost while driving. Then, when he could not figure out where he was, he would sometimes make panicked phone calls to his family, and he wasn't good at describing his current location. Other times, he just disappeared until he found his way back home at a far later time than his family expected he would return. A few times the police brought him back. All of this was frightening for the whole family. The son wanted to hire one of our private detectives in Leeds to develop a way to keep consistent track of this elderly driver. We agreed to hide a GPS transmitter on the father's car so the family could use it to track him with a computer program. That way, they could know where he was going and preserve his dignity all at the same time. He lived a few houses down from our client, but he lived there alone and valued his independence above anything at this point in his life.

Vehicle Tracking in Leeds

Our private investigator installed the hidden transmitter on the old gentleman's car at night after he had gone to bed. With the family's permission, our private detectives checked the GPS for about a week to make sure there were no technical problems. We could follow the man from the computers in the offices of the Private Detective Leeds to within a meter or two of his location. The family reported a couple of times that he went out, became lost, and they directed him back home. When speaking with the man, they pretended the man simply got better at describing his location so as not to give away their hand. The man legitimately had difficulties with getting lost. However, our private investigators also noticed the man spent many hours that week at the same residential address. When comparing notes with the family, those were often the time that he said he was late getting home because he had trouble finding his way. It was odd that he 'got lost' at the same address so much. Our client asked if we could find out anything about the person that lived there. Through public records, we discovered the house belonged to a woman just a few years younger than the widowed father.

In time the family revealed to our private detectives that, while the father was genuinely getting lost, he also used his direction problem as an excuse to spend time with a new romantic interest. He hadn't dated since his wife died and was shy about telling the family. Knowing that they could always locate the older gentleman whenever they needed to find him relieved a lot anxiety for the family. Our client was happy with the results of the car tracking. So happy, he commissioned our private investigator to set up emergency monitoring equipment in the father's house later that same year. The father was never any more than a few steps away from help if he needed it. This also brought the family peace of mind.

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